New Food Friday: Capers

Today’s new food is a somewhat polarizing ingredient. Salty and briny capers are a lot like olives–many people either love them or hate them. I was a little nervous bringing this one home because my husband is definitely on Team Anti-Olive. (This actually works out great for me because I get to eat all of his olives, but I wasn’t sure how capers were going to fly.)


To my surprise, his reaction when he was helping me unpack groceries was this: “Oh, I like capers! What are these for?”

Just goes to show, marriage is a constant learning process and the person you think you know inside and out can still surprise you. Also, there is a small glimmer of hope for the olive haters out there. There’s still a chance they can be redeemed, and capers may just be the gateway.

New Food Friday: Capers

What it is: The edible bud of a type of shrub, about the size of a pea, usually pickled or packed in salt.

What it tastes like: Salty and briny, similar to an olive but with a brighter, almost citrusy flavor.

Where to find it: Capers are usually sold jarred. Look for them near the olives or in the Mediterranean section of your grocery store.

How to store it: Store unopened jars of capers in the pantry. Transfer them to the fridge once opened.

What I did with it:

  • Mixed them into salmon patties (check in next week for the recipe).
  • Used the capers and their pickling liquid in a dressing for a bean salad.
  • Used them as a topping for toast with smoked salmon and a Greek yogurt spread.


The verdict: I’d definitely buy capers again. They remind me a lot of olives, which I love. And they’re versatile. A little goes a long way as far as adding an interesting salty and sour note to your dishes.

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