Welcome to the new Whatever Pieces blog!

Thanks for joining me here at WhateverPieces.com!

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I decided to move the blog for a couple of reasons. Some are logistical. I was running out of storage space on the basic version of WordPress, couldn’t make changes and upgrades that I wanted, etc. It was also a chance to reimagine the site. Historically I’ve blogged about many things, including cooking failures, random thoughts and recipe reviews. These things may still happen, but I want this blog to be about more.

My husband and I have been on a journey to eat and live healthier for the past several years. (Check out the new About page for more!) When I thought about what I value and like in a food blog, I realized there aren’t many out there that make it easy to figure out whether a recipe will fit into your calorie or nutrition needs for the day. We log all of our food (ok, probably 90%) and it’s important to me as the cook to know whether a recipe will fit our calorie or nutrition goals for the day before I start making it. There are recipe analyzers and other tools to help with this once you have a recipe, but not many cooking sites are set up to help you choose a recipe that fits your needs.

So, that’s the driving principle behind many of the changes you’ll find on the new site. among these:

  • A new recipe format that includes calories, carbs, fat and protein right up there with the number of servings (and on the printout), and
  • A Recipe Index page organized by calorie count, with notation for vegetarian, vegan and one-person meals.

(I should note, I’m emphasizing calories here because that’s how I meal plan. My husband and I have different calorie intakes and recommended protein goals–his are higher–so often, it’s easiest to select a meal that fits within my calorie limit, which he can then supplement with a snack or side for more protein and calories.)

That doesn’t mean everything I cook is “healthy” or “light” or packed with superfoods. We will probably always eat homemade pizza and cupcakes along with vegetable soup and chia jam–all things in moderation! What I hope to show through these recipes is a realistic look at how we have our cake and eat it too.

Bear with me as I work out the kinks, and I hope you enjoy the new site!

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