Video: How to Make Zoodles with or without a Spiralizer

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Shortly after I shared my latest zucchini recipe, my sister asked me about my Vegetti spiralizer. This thing is one of the cheapest spiralizers on the market but it’s simple, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and will allow you to crank out zucchini and squash noodles with ease. It’s also great for cucumbers, but only does ok on harder vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.

If you’re looking for an affordable spiralizer and don’t need anything too fancy, it’s not a bad choice. I like the convenience of being able to store it in a drawer, and the fact that it doesn’t require any real setup. I also feel more comfortable making zoodles on it than my mandoline (which is great for slicing when you can hold the vegetable perpendicular to the blade, but kind of terrifying when you have to slide it along the whole length). I’ve used the Vegetti a lot since buying it about a year ago.

I made a quick video this week to demonstrate how it works, plus two other ways of making zoodles: with a julienne peeler and with a regular vegetable peeler, as described in the recipe for creamy zoodles.

I shot this on my phone, and I’m really sorry that it’s vertical! I didn’t realize until after I’d made it, and used up all my squash for the week. Don’t worry, my husband will ridicule me plenty for this.

*This is an independent video, not sponsored or endorsed by Vegetti. 

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