Easy Bibimbap Bowls

easy bibimbap

This easy bibimbap bowl recipe builds on the past two posts, using gochujang and leveraging my sunny-side-up egg technique. The first time I had bibimbap was on a trip to Pittsburgh to celebrate our first anniversary. Although it was May, the weather was on the cold side and a bit rainy. We’d planned to spend the […]

New Food Friday: Gochujang


This post contains affiliate links. Learn more.  This New Food Friday post begins, like several others, in the bargain bin of my local Kroger. I’d actually been thinking about doing a post on gochujang for some time, but had never gotten around to it. Then, I spotted this bottle with a lovely sale sticker on […]

Shrimp “Egg Roll” Stir Fry

This recipe came about one evening when Paul was out of town and I needed to whip up something fast to feed myself. I went exploring in my freezer and discovered the end of a bag of frozen shrimp, as well as half a head of shredded cabbage I’d frozen over the summer. And thus, […]

Summer Rolls with Quick-Pickled Vegetables

Summer rolls are a versatile way to use up leftover vegetables and protein.

Summer rolls–spring rolls’ unfried cousin–are a simple, flexible means of using up leftovers. Here I used leftover pork loin cut into strips, but cooked chicken, shrimp or other meats also work–or skip it altogether for a vegetarian meal. (Look for another way to use up leftover meat next week!) You’ll need round rice paper wrappers […]

Vegetarian Peanut Curry

This vegetarian curry is an easy way to get your Thai fix.

Paul’s out of town this weekend, so that means I get to eat whatever I want! I’ll try not to be too jubilant. Really, he eats almost everything I put in front of him, few questions asked. But there are a couple of foods he just doesn’t care for, so I avoid cooking them when […]

Szechuan Stir Fry ("Chicken and Rice")

Szechuan stir fry, commonly known as "chicken and rice" in our household.

This post contains an affiliate link. Learn more.  This stir fry is amazing and delicious and just hang with me for a few minutes here before I share the recipe. First, news: I’m engaged! Paul asked me to marry him at the Krohn Conservatory on September 29th, and after standing there with my mouth hanging […]

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Pad Thai made with spaghetti squash instead of rice noodles!

This post contains an affiliate link. Learn more.  I’ve mentioned before how I feel about spaghetti squash. It doesn’t taste like pasta, but it’s delicious in the right application. I’ve had a squash in my fridge for about a week now, and I’d planned to make my usual peanut sauce recipe to go with it […]