Caramelized Onion and Apple Pizza

It’s finally apple season! Ok, technically it has been for a while. But I’m just now acknowledging this fact. My crisper has been filling with apples for weeks and I can only eat so many. So it’s now time to start cooking with them. Hence, this pizza: Besides being deliciously sweet and salty, this pizza also […]

Whole Wheat Pita Bread


This post is the third part of a series. Learn how to make pan-fried falafel and tzatziki to fill your pita! You might not think of pita bread as something you can–or should–make at home. The idea had certainly never occurred to me. Then one day I was checking out and saw a video for […]

No-Knead Wheat Bread

My friend Doug shared this artisan bread recipe with me a few months ago, and told me how easy and completely foolproof it is. I tried it out, and it really is simple. The original makes a ton of bread though (more than I have space for in my freezer), so I made some adjustments […]

Pumpkin Scones

These pumpkin scones are the perfect fall treat.

I’ve made at least one batch of pumpkin scones every fall for the past four years. Last year, however, I discovered the webpage I’d pinned with the recipe had gone defunct! With the help of the Wayback Machine and screen shots, I was able to recover my old standby. Over the years, though, I’ve made several tweaks […]

Award-Winning Bacon-Wrapped Maple Cupcakes

The bacon-wrapped maple cupcake! A modern marvel.

Hi everyone! After a crazy-busy couple of months full of life changes–including marriage, name changing and laundry consolidation–it’s good to be back in the blogosphere. I’m excited to put all this new kitchen gear to work and share some more recipes! Now, on to the main event: Bacon-Wrapped Maple Cupcakes. This recipe came about as […]

French Baguettes

Fresh baguettes--kind of a pain, but mostly worth it.

I had a day off of work earlier this week for President’s Day, so I decided to take on a cooking project. When I found this baguette recipe from Food52, it seemed like a perfect challenge for a snowy day. I’ve tried making bread from scratch before (most successfully with the no-knead ciabatta recipe) but […]