Roasted Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Mustard-Sriracha Sauce

roasted vegetables

As the produce delivery season winds down, I’ve found myself relying more and more on my standby cooking strategies for using up large quantities of produce at once. One is stir frying. The other is roasting, and that’s exactly how this roasted vegetable dish came about. Typically I spend most of my time and energy […]

Vegan Paella

I didn't have a paella pan, so I used my stainless steel Cuisinart skillet.

I found this gem while browsing for vegan recipes on Pinterest last week. The original comes from Hannah Kaminsky at BitterSweet. Check out her post for the story behind the paella and some seriously mouth-watering photos. I made a few adaptations to the recipe but more or less stuck to the original, so this is […]

Roasted Vegetables & Grain

This is one of the first dishes I started experimenting with when I became interested in VB6. Roasting is one of the easiest (and tastiest!) ways to prepare vegetables. Toss them with some interesting seasonings and a whole grain, and you’ve got a tasty vegan lunch or dinner. I always include onions and garlic when […]