Leek and Fennel Risotto with Roasted Mushrooms

Fennel Leek Risotto

I love risotto because it’s one of the dishes I can cook without a recipe. It stands up to many different kinds of alterations and mix-ins, and will probably turn out fine as long as you have the right ratio of rice to liquid in mind (and even that, you can fudge a bit and […]

Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Stuffed Baked Brie

stuffed baked brie

I don’t make a lot of appetizers, but the holidays are a great excuse to try out some new ones. And Brie en croute (baked in puff pastry) is one of the best–easy and delicious, but with an impressive presentation! Preparation can be very simple. Just spread a little jam over the pastry before wrapping […]

Vegetable "Potstickers"

I don’t know how it happened in my culinary life that the first time I tried stuffing filling into sheets of dough it wasn’t for an Italian dish. I am half-Italian, so ravioli or tortellini would have made sense. But instead my first attempt was potstickers, something decidedly Asian. Although if Marco Polo really did […]