Shrimp “Egg Roll” Stir Fry

This recipe came about one evening when Paul was out of town and I needed to whip up something fast to feed myself. I went exploring in my freezer and discovered the end of a bag of frozen shrimp, as well as half a head of shredded cabbage I’d frozen over the summer. And thus, […]

Anytime Gumbo (Or, How to Eat Gumbo Whenever You Feel Like It)

Sometimes you just need a bowl of gumbo. This recipe is for those times.

When I first started this blog I was mainly cooking just for myself. As a result, many of the early recipes are designed to make just one or two servings. (I still find myself in this situation now occasionally, when Paul has an obligation in the evening which is pretty common during marching band season, […]

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and grits.

This post contains an affiliate link. Learn more.  This recipe for shrimp and grits comes from nutritionist Ellie Krieger. Maybe you’ve caught her show on the Food Network, or seen her cookbooks at the store. Ellie is probably best known for creating healthier versions of classic comfort food. I own her book The Food You […]