Eggy Wrap with Chorizo

chorizo eggy wrap

So, the classic eggy wrap is pretty great. Scrambled eggs, cheese and hot sauce all wrapped up in a tortilla for a perfect, delicious and (if need be) portable meal. However. If you skip the hot sauce, add in spicy sausage and switch the cheese…you have something different, but just as delicious! A coworker made […]

The "Eggy Wrap"

An "eggy wrap" is the perfect any time meal. Fast, cheap and easy!

Here’s something I’ve wanted to share for a while–the “eggy wrap,” so named by Paul. This is a super simple recipe (really, it’s hardly a recipe) but we make and eat it all the time. It works equally well as a hearty breakfast, a filling lunch or a fast dinner and is infinitely adjustable with […]